What Am I Donating to?

Tubgate is a television / webseries which is currently in development. The pilot episode was completed in May 2018 and it is currently on its festival circuit. The next set of episodes are being written by creator Fraser Murdoch and it is hoped to go into pre-production and production soon.


We need your help and involvement to support the early development process of the series - helping the artists to create something special, unique and important to them which can be sold for distibution in the long run.


FRASER MURDOCH is a writer-director and the creator of Tubgate. Fraser developed the first character, Bab, over ten years ago. Since then, Fraser has developed Bab's storyline and later the entire town of Tubgate and created the first short film / pilot episode "Tubgate: Cunningham's Scrap" from 2015-2018.


Fraser also works as a visual effects supervisor and compositor - working on features, television series, adverts and short films.


Creator / Writer-Director

Who am I backing?


"Bab" / Co-producer


SCOTT KYLE joined Fraser Murdoch as a co-producer for "Tubgate: Cunningham's Scrap" when it was pitched to him by Fraser on he set of STARZ television series "Outlander" - at the time it was titled "Bab: The Man Who Took Too Much".


Scott later proved to be perfect for the role of bringing the voice of Bab to life, and he even worked with Fraser on the early scripts.


Scott's credits as an actor in films and stageplays include "Singin' I'm No A Billy He's a Tim", "Angels' Share" and "Kajaki: The True Story" (UK) / "Kilo Two Bravo" (US).

What Can I Get?

You can purchase the below merchandise in aid of the development of Tubgate.

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Credit in Episode 2.

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Signed character portrait - choose Bab, Benjy or Troopti

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