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Directed & Created by

Fraser Murdoch

Tubgate needs some excitement and Bab has some big ideas of how to put the place on the map!

As a means to develop more episodes with Bab, Troopti and Benjy, we have reworked some things for our series development:

Bab has big ideas for Tubgate and his plans are afoot. Utilising the weird and wonderful variety of pieces of scrap in his junkyard, Bab is creating edgy prototypes for amusement park rides. Troopti Palmer, Head of Park Feasibility and Benjy McGlynn of Health and Safety for Parks have some concerns over Bab's risky plans and need to confront him.


In light of the circumstances around COVID-19 which are undoubtedly affecting us all, we (the filmmakers and creatives behind the project Tubgate) would like to send our well wishes.

And, it's not only that that we would like to do for you. As we have experienced first hand, there are push backs to schedules in terms of the shooting of productions - these productions that will keep us entertained in the luxury our homes through streaming sites and on DVDs.

In aid of cutting down on the endless repeats and reruns, we would like to pledge to develop much more micro-content from the world of Tubgate during this time. We will make them remotely and can't wait to get started and to eventually share them with you!

Thanks and we look forward to sharing more of our content with you!

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